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Sawfish Industries understands that design needs to be functional, sustainable and cost effective. We  work with our clients to craft bespoke and small runs of truly thought products.

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We need a file of your design, we can work with most files (however, some do carry an additional charge, please see our prices page) the most cost effective file to supply us with, are either .dxf or .dwg files. Please email them to

We also require a brief of what you like, for example parts to be engraved rather than cut and the overall dimensions of your design (length x width mm). Alternatively just send us a brief of your idea and we will do the rest, including (if needed) assembly!

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Laser cutting is the process of passing a laser beam through a combination of reflectors and finally focusing it though a head above the material to be cut. Reflectors allow the head to move in both x and y axis, controlled by a CNC (computer numerical control) above a bed which the material to be cut is placed.

A range of materials can be cut from plastics, woods, cards and some rubbers. The accuracy we can achieve at Sawfish Industries is greater than 1 /10 of a mm.